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Vote for the Guy!

© Keith Knight

I’m really happy to see “E. Warren” moving up in the polls. Even though she might not be my first choice (I’m not sure, I haven’t decided yet) I would really love to see a woman president in my lifetime. Heck, if that doesn’t happen, I’d even like to see a woman vice president (as long as her name doesn’t rhyme with “jailin”).



  1. Wildwood wrote:

    I was very upset when Hillary lost. At my age I don’t have much time left to see a female president. I like Warren, so far, more than most of the rest. But I will vote for anyone who is not running as a Republican. Any chance of me voting for a Repub went out the window back in the days of Newt’s Contract on America. May he rot in hell, along with several others of his ilk.

    Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 3:04 pm | Permalink
  2. James wrote:

    Sigh … voting for (or not) ANYONE because of their gender is just plain dumb. Thinking that ANYONE will be a better president because of their gender is even dumber.

    The UK learned this lesson the hard and very painful way under Thatcher, and my fellow Americans were almost universally puzzled and bemused by the mass celebrations that greeted her death. She was a ghastly prime minister who, like her neo conservative counterparts, helped usher in decades of bad politics and terrible policy the likes of which have lead us, directly, to the twin crises of Brexit and Trump.

    Just don’t expect to find a very receptive audience for the “because she’s a woman” crowd in the UK. It’s no better, smarter or less offensive that anyone saying “because he’s a man”.

    Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 9:10 am | Permalink
  3. ebdoug wrote:

    I want Biden because of his charisma. He will have lots of help as he ages. Picture him with Queen Elizabeth, not walking ahead of her. Heck he has Jill who is brilliant and educated. None of the others so far has the Obama charisma. We have to get rid of Trump as Robert Reich says.
    I want Kamala Harris as his VP. She is brilliant, educated, and knows what needs to be done. Need be, she could step right in the President position.

    Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 7:12 pm | Permalink
  4. Dan wrote:

    I fell in love with Elizabeth in 2009 when she was interviewed by Jon Stewart. Finally had something for my not so involved friends to watch that could explain banking since Reagan!
    We did not want Biden twice before, nothing has changed, Hilary was the brains behind Bill, both hacks to special interests.
    Give me Sanders and Warren in any order. I spent 9 years in “socialist” Europe, we really need that here, perhaps then the anger will dissipate a bit. Also, we need to put into play the first part of the second amendment, just think, an AR-15/M-16 for everyone, stored in regulated secure storage. Everyone I know has one because they are fun to shoot.

    Monday, September 16, 2019 at 9:29 am | Permalink
  5. Hassan wrote:

    I disagree with most of policies of any candidate (being conservative). But I like them all as humans. And I like Beto the most due to his compassion and empathy. I voted for him against miserable Ted Cruz. I strongly disagree with his reparations thing, but he seems genuine and sincere (like Bernie).

    Monday, September 16, 2019 at 10:41 am | Permalink
  6. Wildwood wrote:

    Well James, if you are talking about me, then have at it. I voted for Clinton because I thought she would be better than Trump. And the last two years have certainly proved me right. As for voting for someone because of their gender, it’s the same desire as many of those who voted for Obama. Blacks wanted to see themselves finally being represented on a national level. As a woman, an old woman, I have lived with a lot of inequality. Not to the same extent as people of color, but inequality is still a bitter pill.

    As for voting for a woman just because she’s a woman. I would not have voted for Palin for dog catcher. There are many women, and a couple who are running for president, that
    I would prefer drop out. But no matter who gets the nod from the Dems, they will have my vote.

    As for the Clintons being hacks, I will take a Dem hack over a Repub criminal any day of the week. Bill Clinton was a fairly decent leader, as was Obama. I’m happy with “fairly decent”.

    We are watching a decades long plan by the Right to take over the country and they have pretty much succeeded. The Left, unfortunately, is not that well disciplined or organized. If we get a Dem president with a divided congress there will be a continuation of the slide into the false religiousity and crooked behavior that is currently controlling this country.

    Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 10:49 am | Permalink
  7. Iron Knee wrote:

    James, heavy sigh.

    You say “voting for (or not) ANYONE because of their gender is just plain dumb.” Why yes, that is certainly true. So why is it that every last one of our presidents has been MALE?

    Nobody is saying that you should vote for someone just because of their gender, but unless you actually believe that women are inferior to men, don’t you think that it is about time we had a female president — all else being equal?

    Like Wildwood, I would never have voted for Sarah Palin, and coincidentally, I lived in England during the time that Thatcher (AKA Atilla the Hen) was PM. Just like there are bad male presidents (cough, Trump) there could be bad female leaders.

    I think it is pretty obvious that Warren would make an excellent president. She’s pragmatic, honest, experienced, and can actually get things done (even difficult things). I am acutely aware that when we elect our first woman president it will be very important to pick an exemplary one, and I think she would fit the bill.

    And lastly, I can indeed think of a very good reason to elect a woman (just because she is a woman). It would say something very important about our country, just like it said something important about us to elect Barack Obama.

    Monday, September 23, 2019 at 5:04 pm | Permalink
  8. Wildwood wrote:

    Well said IK. With a woman leader, the right woman leader, we might gain back some respect from the rest of the world by showing that we have managed, finally, to join the world community in recognizing that women can lead and that we, as a country, are ready to put aside some of our puritanical ideas.

    Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 9:34 am | Permalink