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Breaking Records

According to the site Worldometers, the US has now passed 1 million cases of Coronavirus. They also report that 195,787 cases are closed (either because the patient recovered, or died), which means that there are still 814,569 active cases.

Of course, when you go to the site, those numbers will have changed. For the worse.

The total number of people who are listed as having died from the coronavirus is now 56,797, which means that we are approaching quickly the day when more Americans will have died from the coronavirus than died in the Vietnam War (which the US says is 58,220). Yesterday, 1,384 people died in the US from coronavirus, so it won’t take long.

Also, there is reason to believe that coronavirus deaths (worldwide) have been underreported by around 60%, which means that we have likely blown past the death toll from the Vietnam War.

The following comic is specific to Sacramento California, but it is nonetheless instructive:

© Jack Ohman