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Legislative Hypocrisy

The Louisiana legislature just voted to restrict access to mail-in ballots in their primary, which was already delayed because of the coronavirus. In fact, some GOP members tried to block the measure because they claimed that it still gave too much access to mail-in voting.

Their reasons? As usual, the Republicans claimed that voting by mail would invite election fraud. This, despite the fact that election experts and fact checkers have repeatedly shown that the risk of fraud (both with and without vote-by-mail) is extremely low.

The hypocritical part? The lawmakers of Louisiana were reluctant to vote in person on the election plan, so they voted by mail.


One Comment

  1. Mad Hatter wrote:

    If they voted by mail how can we ever know if the measure passed?? I say get all of the Republicans in a small smoke (COVID 19) filled room and do a manual recount. Who’s with me here?

    Friday, May 1, 2020 at 6:13 am | Permalink

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