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Winning Rant

I believe that this righteous rant from Kimberly Jones, titled “How Can We Win”, is the most powerful I have ever posted. Please watch it, and remember to go to the YouTube page and vote it up.

Hearing her words, I am reminded of the American Revolution. Let me explain. Here are the major things I remember from being taught about the Revolution as a child in school:

  • Taxation without Representation — how is this any different than what Jones is talking about? The main issues then were the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Declaratory Act, and others. These acts passed by Britain separated the colonists from the rewards for their labor without giving them any say in the matter. They also forced restrictions on the colonists in order to pay for British military troops stationed in the colonies, which the colonists didn’t want. The only difference from today that I can see is that at least the British weren’t murdering colonists for minor infractions.
  • The Boston Tea Party — destruction of property, pure and simple, and the property was tea that was being delivered to the colonists. This is like today’s protesters destroying property in their own neighborhoods. The colonial rioters were even commended for disguising themselves as Native Americans. The British responded particularly harshly and the situation escalated quickly to become the Revolutionary War.
  • The War — the colonists (well, many of them) responded to these injustices by starting a revolution. Thousands of people died. The Colonial Army even invaded Quebec in an attempt to raise insurrection against the British, but failed decisively.

We (rightly) honor the American Revolutionaries as patriots and heroes. But we call the protesters “thugs”. Instead of King George we have Donald Trump, who is telling the police “Please don’t be too nice” and enlisting the military to fight his own citizens. Trump bellows that he is above the law, while inciting institutional violence against “the little people” who protest (even peacefully, and including representatives of the media).



  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I’ve always thought it ironic that taxation without representation was a rallying cry for the Revolution, but today we take it for granted that sales taxes are paid by out-of-state travelers who have no representation.

    Sunday, June 7, 2020 at 1:42 pm | Permalink
  2. westomoon wrote:


    Kimberly Jones should be on the next President’s Council of Economic Advisors — that is a seriously brilliant woman. I’d love to team her up with Elizabeth Warren and just give them carte blanche to tidy up this mess.

    That said, I am old enough to remember the civil rights changes of the 60’s. As I recall, it wasn’t until MLK was murdered and the riots were underway that the powers that be started to actually DO something to make changes.

    It’s important that most of the protests be inhumanly peaceable. But in America, a little dash of fear is a very therapeutic thing.

    Monday, June 8, 2020 at 10:22 am | Permalink