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This is a joke, right?

Actually, no. These are actually things that Donald Trump, the master of racist dog whistles and champion of white supremacists, said at an event about race and policing, which took place in a largely white megachurch in an upper class part of Dallas.

President Trump says America will be done with “bigotry and prejudice” before we know it.

Trump traveled to Dallas on Thursday for a roundtable on race and policing, though for some reason didn’t invite the top three law enforcement officials in the area, all of whom are black. There, Trump defended police departments and offered up an executive order that he suggested will help repair America’s centuries of racism “very quickly and very easily.”

Trump started his talk by defending discriminatory and otherwise unethical police, saying “you always have a bad apple no matter where you go,” but adding “there are not too many in the police department.” Americans, as well, “are good and virtuous people,” Trump added. “We have to work together to confront bigotry and prejudice wherever they appear,” he said, and then posited that “we’re going to do it very quickly and very easily.”

And then, of course, he started talking about using force to “dominate” the protesters.

Also, in an interview on Fox News, Trump said “I think the concept of chokeholds sounds so innocent and so perfect.”

© Ward Sutton