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Worst Case Scenario

Newsweek published an article Friday titled “How Trump could Lose the Election — And Still Remain President“. It is an opinion piece, but was written by two fairly high-powered people (a former US senator, and the person who founded CNBC and MSNBC, the former CEO of TiVo, and is an editor-at-large for Newsweek, among other things).

They give a fairly detailed roadmap of what and how this could happen, and even give evidence that Donald Trump and Bill Barr have already taken steps that would facilitate this plot. It is fairly complex, so if you are curious you should read the article.

They also talk about the few ways this plot can be foiled:

  • Make sure the election results overwhelmingly favor Joe Biden, especially in Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. So even if everyone believes that Biden is definitely going to win, we cannot afford to become even a little complacent. We cannot make the same mistake twice.
  • “We must ‘out’ this scenario—and do so loudly and consistently. We have an imperative to build a ‘people’s firewall’ that reaches deeply across the country and reflects public revulsion at the potential for Trump to undermine our entire democratic system of governance.”
  • The military intervenes to stop Trump. Let us fervently hope that it doesn’t come to that.

And by the way, Happy Independence Day. Let’s not just hope we can keep our democracy, but actually fight to hold onto it.

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  1. ebdoug wrote:

    Today is the day that we celebrate the Declaration of Independence. Trump no more believes in the Declaration of Independence than he believes in God. Today hypocrisy. The Declaration says “All men are created equal.” Trumps Protest of the protests certainly show that he doesn’t believe that “all men are created equal” He thinks that choke holds that kill talented and peaceful men like Elijah McClain are just fine. He thinks that five boys in a park at night should be executed even though proven innocent. He thinks that his apartments should not be rented to people of color. The list goes on and on and on. And his cult is out there practicing with their guns.

    Saturday, July 4, 2020 at 5:44 pm | Permalink
  2. Ray Gergen wrote:

    All it takes is a plurality in 11 states to “win” the election for president–the right 11 statse, of course, which makes that scenario highly improbable, but still possible.

    Get rid of the Electoral College.

    Sunday, July 5, 2020 at 8:04 am | Permalink