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Wake Up

This is a new kind of ad from The Lincoln Project. It is 6 minutes long, so it likely won’t be shown on TV. And it uses actors, rather than the usual politicians saying and doing things.

But it has an incredibly strong message, which is that Donald Trump has been able to normalized behavior that previously would have been unacceptable (even impeachable). He is like a machine gun, spitting out insults, racist dog whistles, and outright lies so fast that they don’t register anymore. And Trump’s enablers, including Fox News and the GOP-controlled Senate, have helped by making craven excuses for him.

How do you fight this? By pointing out what would happen if you had been asleep since Trump became president, and suddenly woke up and were told everything that had gone terribly wrong in the last 3 and a half years, all at once.

UPDATE: The Washington Post has an interesting article about The Lincoln Project and how it is driving Trump out of office by driving him nuts.


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  1. William wrote:

    While I’m delighted to have the Lincoln Project involved, for the entertainment value of their videos, for the voters they swing, and for their ability to launch The Current Occupant, they do face some criticism. The Post article touched on that, while this Colbert _Tooning Out the News_ piece addresses them directly:

    The two points that stick with me, mentioned by both:
    1) These Republicans feel no shame, regret, or contrition for past actions, elections, or candidates, only Trump.
    2) The “overhead” of their organization is at the highest end of the spectrum. The Colbert video suggests that over 89% went to expenses other than producing and airing the ads.

    Monday, August 3, 2020 at 8:59 am | Permalink