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What’s Really Going On

I haven’t been watching Stephen Colbert as much as I used to, as he seems to have lost some of his biting wit when he lost his live audience due to the pandemic. But last night’s monologue hit the ball out of the court. Colbert is angry, and he goes on a 15-minute rant that leaves you wanting more. Watch it.

My only comment is that Colbert didn’t point out that those so-called militia members were also out violating curfew, and the police gave them bottles of water and told them how much they appreciated them. The police chief afterward had the gall to say that the protesters wouldn’t have been shot (by one of the militia members) if they weren’t illegally out past curfew.

Something is definitely very wrong with the police in Kenosha Wisconsin.


One Comment

  1. Hassan wrote:

    If an unarmed black man was walking towards police car, they would have shot him.

    It was a white man with AR-15 walking towards police car, after killing few people, and police cars went past him, and last cop told him to get out of the area (and he was later caught in his home)

    Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 8:11 pm | Permalink