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Math History Repeats Itself?


Now that Alaska and Arizona have been called, and assuming that Georgia goes to Joe Biden, and North Carolina goes to Donald Trump, the electoral college result will be 306 to 232.

Back in the 2016 election, Trump received 304 electoral college votes, and Clinton received 227. However, there were seven “faithless electors” — two of whom refused to vote for Trump and five who refused to vote for Clinton (all voted for other people). Which means that if the faithless electors had voted for the person to whom they were pledged, the result would have been 306 to 232. In fact, that was where it stood immediately after the election, before the meeting of the Electoral College.

Except this time Trump was on the losing side. However, back in 2016, when he won, his campaign declared it “Landslide. Blowout. Historic.

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