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Well, today is the election in Georgia. Is everyone holding their breath like I am? Please please turn this country around before things get even worse!

I can only hope that Trump’s base is starting to figure out that his behavior after the election is that of a spoiled brat baby, a con-man, and a two-bit thug. If his temper tantrumps cause the Republicans to lose the senate and start to turn on Trump, that will be a two-fer.

© Tom Tomorrow

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  1. J wrote:

    Well, that there’s some mighty impressive optimism! Maybe if Trump runs away (to Scotland?!) his sulk will become apparent to his fans?

    Sadly, when it comes to turning the country around our options remain a choice between things getting worse and things getting very rapidly worse. Why the skepticism? The policies and changes we need are barely part of the national conversation, while the Democratic party remains the natural home of conservatives and continues to sideline center left voices and ideas. Seen this movie before 🙁

    Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 11:44 am | Permalink