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First, Trump had a very hard time finding lawyers to defend him in his impeachment trial. Now he is bleeding the few lawyers he was able to find. Five of his lawyers quit on Saturday night. And the Senate has a deadline of Tuesday for Trump’s lawyers to submit a memo laying out his defense, and it is not even apparent if Trump has any lawyers left.

But the really ironic thing is the reason Trump’s lawyers quit — Trump is insisting that they focus on the completely insane and discredited claims that the election was stolen from him. In other words, focus on defending him based on the very same lies that caused the insurrection in the first place.

Yeah, I would love to see the Senate Republicans vote to acquit Trump based solely on claims that the election was unfairly stolen. That argument didn’t go over very well with the voters in Georgia, and I doubt it would play all that well in other, future elections.

Continuing on the theme of people leaving, I somehow neglected to post this video from Jimmy Kimmel from just after the inauguration.