The Republican Party is destroying itself. Here are the results of a survey comparing the net favorability of several GOP congresspeople.

That’s right, Marjorie Taylor Green is the new congresscritter who is racist, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic, believes in QAnon and that the presidential election was stolen, blames the wildfires in California on Jewish laser satellites, and endangered and threatened other members of Congress. But her favorability is way higher than that of Liz Cheney, pretty much because Cheney voted to impeach Donald Trump.

And Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader of the House and a Trump supporter, is much more popular with Republicans than Mitch McConnell, who recently has been ambiguous about Trump’s impeachment.

The GOP is a sinking ship. Their leaders are now nut cases and liars.

© Jen Sorensen

[Side note — I love the use of Groucho in the second panel.]

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