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Sedition Tracker tracks people who are suspected of participating in the January 6 Capitol riot. This includes:

  • 559 suspects, who have been charged with a crime
  • Of those charged, so far 267 have been indicted (48%)
  • Of the indicted, 1 has died, 1 has had their case dismissed, and 26 have been convicted
  • Of the convicted, 1 has been sentenced

The site shows photos of the suspects. You can also track them by date (the first people were charged on Jan 7), by name, by state, and by status.

Note that people are continuing to be charged. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but at least they are still turning. I’m still hoping they indict the Congresspeople who participated in the insurrection.

© John Darkow

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  1. Hassan wrote:

    138 Republican house representatives as well

    Monday, August 2, 2021 at 7:58 am | Permalink