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Vladimir Putin is being blasted by almost all of the countries of the world, including people in Russia. But here in the US there are a few (seemingly insane) people who are cheering Putin on in his invasion of Ukraine. And ironically, Joe Biden’s popularity ratings have jumped up 8% since his State-of-the-Union address, where he condemned Putin. Even Republicans think that Biden is doing a good job supporting Ukraine. That can’t be good news for Putin’s useful idiots in the US.



  1. PATRIOTSGT wrote:

    Hey IK, I see you’re ramping up support for the mid-terms. An astute stance to be sure.

    I don’t think, and certainly hope not, that Trump will make it back into the political race for 2024. It would be folly for the the Republicans to do so. But, with Biden adopting MAGA rally talking points, it remains to be seen how the public will react. Fund the Police, secure the border, build American and buy American. I think we’ll need to see what that looks like legislatively and in practice. The only piece missing from the Trump mantra was energy independence, as we are still forced to buy Russian oil, tinkering with buying Iranian oil, while Europe, and particularly Germany are reliant on Russian oil and natural gas. And thus we and they are helping to fund Putin’s war against Ukraine.

    Democratic peoples have once again shown they do not really understand the mind of a dictator, or the lengths to which they’ll go to achieve their goals. Putin will take Ukraine, although they are resisting valiantly, they are militarily overwhelmed and without direct help from the west will fall. Putin desires to return the USSR to its former status, aligned with China to become the dominant world power, or at least a close #2, to the US. We watched this begin in 2014 under Obama and Biden, when we really did nothing as we watched him take Crimea and install “rebels” in eastern Ukraine.

    Putin already owns Belarus, and after he takes Ukraine he will look to Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. And if the west does not become energy independent and stand up to him,he will take them.

    As to the politics of the matter, I think Biden did a good job on the speech. But the glow of SOTU speeches don’t last long, because folks will want to see results. My prediction is that gasoline, heating oil, electricity, food and other household commodities that are all tied together will continue to rise. I would not be surprised to see 6-7 dollar gasoline within the next 30-45 days. If that comes to fruition along with fall of Ukraine whatever was said in the speech, will be forgotten. And the reality will vote in the Midterms.

    Here’s the best analysis on the SOTU speech from my opinion.

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