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Legally Screwed

Are you confused or having trouble keeping track of all the different legal actions against Donald Trump? Or do you just want to know if Trump will eventually pay for all his crimes?

Vanity Fair has published an article “The Complete Guide to All The Ways Donald Trump is Legally Screwed.” The article is definitely worth reading, but here are just the names of all the criminal investigations and civil lawsuits Donny is currently facing (including several I had never even heard about before).

  1. The Classified-Documents Investigation
  2. The Justice Department’s Criminal Investigation of January 6 and the Plot to Overturn the Election
  3. The Georgia Criminal Investigation
  4. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Criminal Case Against of Trump Organization, Etc.
  5. The New York Attorney General’s Civil Investigation Into the Trump Organization
  6. The Westchester Criminal Investigation of the Trump Organization
  7. The DC Attorney General’s Criminal Investigation of January 6
  8. The E. Jean Carroll Defamation Suit
  9. The Mary Trump Lawsuit
  10. The House of Representatives’ January 6 Lawsuit
  11. The Eric Swalwell Suit
  12. The Capitol Police January 6 lawsuits
  13. The Metropolitan Police January 6 lawsuit
  14. The Michael Cohen lawsuit
  15. The Class Action Lawsuit Against the Trump Biz and the Trumps
  16. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund Voting Rights Lawsuit
  17. The Trump Tower Assault Lawsuit

The article has a succinct explanation of each one.

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