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Switching Lawyers in the Middle of an Indictment

This morning, just hours after his indictment, two of Donald Trump’s main defense lawyers in the classified documents case decided to cut bait, announcing that they would no longer be representing TFG. According to Politico, “Though Trump has had shakeups of his legal teams before, the current changes deprive Trump of some of his most seasoned legal hands at the most perilous moment of his legal travails.” Indeed, just a few weeks ago, Trump lost another one of his lawyers working on the same case. You know what they say about rats on a sinking ship.

Trump will now be represented by the attorney who is currently representing Trump in the hush money case related to Stormy Daniels. Trump also claims he is hiring another firm, to be named later. Maybe it will be Four Seasons Law, Landscaping and Lies, headed by Rudy Giuliani?

And it isn’t just lawyers abandoning, as right-wing cartoonist Lisa Benson posted the following cartoon:

© Lisa Benson

On a slightly lighter note, Hillary Clinton is bringing back merchandise from the 2016 presidential election. Trump repeatedly claimed that for mishandling classified information, Clinton should be locked up.

Trump also promised at a campaign rally, “In my administration, I’m going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information. No one will be above the law.”

Trump, of course, went on to not only mishandle classified information, but he also lied repeatedly about it. While Clinton turned the information over to the government when it was requested, just like Mike Pence and Joe Biden.


  1. Iron Knee wrote:

    If you want to know just how far in deep doo-doo Trump and his aide Waltine Nauta are, I recommend you read (or at least skim though) the actual indictment, which you can find here —

    It is just stunning the illegal and just plain stupid and dangerous things that were done. Trump needs to be locked up as long as possible.

    In addition to the campaign quote in the main post, the indictment has five other damning quotes from Trump. Here’s a statement from Trump issued July 26, 2018:

    As the head of the executive branch and Commander in Chief, I have
    a unique, Constitutional responsibility to protect the Nation’s
    classified information, including by controlling access to it. . . .
    More broadly, the issue of [a former executive branch official’s]
    security clearance raises larger questions about the practice of
    former officials maintaining access to our Nation’s most sensitive
    secrets long after their time in Government has ended. Such access
    is particularly inappropriate when former officials have transitioned
    into highly partisan positions and seek to use real or perceived
    access to sensitive information to validate their political attacks.
    Any access granted to our Nation’s secrets should be in furtherance
    of national, not personal, interests.

    Friday, June 9, 2023 at 2:20 pm | Permalink
  2. Ray wrote:

    About damned time!
    Sorry to be the impatient twerp on this indictment (I promise to behave on the next indictment!), but my god, they served a search warrant and *FOUND* the docs almost a year ago! Why was he not arrest then and there? Because he was a rich, white, twice impeached ex-president? Kinda goes against the argument that we are all “equal before the law.”

    Saturday, June 10, 2023 at 8:24 am | Permalink
  3. Iron Knee wrote:

    While I have been impatient about how long this indictment took, I think Jack Smith has done a fantastic job. The biggest problem is that there is no precedent for a criminal indictment of a former president. Smith had to absolutely make this airtight, and that takes time and hard work. After all, Trump has been able to skate free from previous illegal acts.

    Sunday, June 11, 2023 at 11:53 am | Permalink
  4. Hassan wrote:

    Die hard Trumpist are not much defending him rather saying it is double standards to what happened with Hillary.

    I do not like Hillary, and I do believe there was some ill-intent to hide or escape some scrutiny, which is because all politicians (normal) are corrupt to some level or sometimes just too much worried on perception, but I do understand that why charges were not brought against her. In fact if she had 50% of proofs against her like the prosecutors have against Trump, they might have. So if there is two tier justice system, it is for advantage of corrupt rich people (Trump)

    Monday, June 12, 2023 at 8:24 am | Permalink

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