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The Decline in Abortion

You might not believe it if you listen to conservatives, but the US abortion rate has been declining recently — dropping 14% in the last three years — and now has hit a historic low. The rate is now the lowest it has been since abortion became legal in 1973 (we don’t have a precise […]


Equal Rights

I’m very happy about the Supreme Court ruling throwing out the Texas law that had already closed half the abortion clinics in the state and would have closed half of the remaining clinics if it had fully gone into effect, leaving just ten clinics for the entire state. What really pisses me off about the […]



I just have one question. For people who believe human life begins at conception, do they also believe a fetus should only be allowed to enter a public bathroom of the correct sex?



© Nick Anderson The “pro-life” movement claims that they are against punishing women who get an abortion. I guess Trump didn’t get the memo. All he said was that if abortion is murder (as anti-abortion forces fervently believe), then there has to be some kind of punishment. According to US law, it is still murder […]


Supreme Arguments

It is easy to get caught up in the politics of the Supreme Court, especially with the unexpected death of Antonin Scalia and the fight over his replacement. But meanwhile, the court is still hearing important cases. This week saw oral arguments about a Texas law that requires stringent new standards on abortion clinics that […]


Fact Checking Satire?

Here’s a new one for me. PolitiFact Texas has done a fact check on some satire by Andy Borowitz. Quotes from Borowitz have appeared in this blog, but he normally writes satire in a humor column for the The New Yorker. Borowitz recently posted on Facebook “Texas is now our most pro-life state, with just […]