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Old-school Neo-Nazis

© Keef Knight As long as Donald Trump keeps clarifying his statements on Charlottesville, we may as well join in. After all, he has taken almost every possible position except this one.


The Good Old Days?

© Matt Lubchansky Make America Great … Again? What good old days do they want to go back to? The Civil War? © Steve Kelley


Whistling Dixie

© Brian McFadden Every since Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” Republicans have been courting racists and bigots in the name of states rights, voter fraud laws, harsh and excessive drug laws aimed primarily at minorities, attacks on immigrants, “three strikes”, “stand your ground” and other racist laws. The one thing they can’t stand is someone actually, you […]


Fight Hate With Love!

Last week, a white supremacist started screaming anti-Islamic slurs at two Muslim girls on a commuter train in Portland. After three men rose from their seats to defend the young women, the attacker pulled a knife and stabbed the men, killing two and putting the third in the hospital. Two Muslim organizations launched a fundraising […]


Unhappy Easter Bunny

The White House Easter bunny apologizes for “passing over” the Jews. Ironically, ten years ago Sean Spicer actually did dress up as the Easter bunny at the White House, with George W and Laura Bush. At the time, Spicer was working in the office of the US Trade Representative. UPDATE: Notice how uncomfortable Spicer is […]