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Where’s the Trump Bribery Scandal?

I guess the media got what they wanted — a horserace. They breathlessly report story after story about how the Clinton Foundation might have the “appearance” of impropriety (despite admitting that there was no actual impropriety), while at the same time pretty much ignoring two smoking guns of real illegal activity with the Trump Foundation. […]


Flim Flam

© Tom Toles We’re still waiting to see Donald Trump’s tax returns so we can see how much he didn’t give to charity, because of all the money he claims to have, but doesn’t. But the big question is, could Trump actually hide a quarter? After all, he has really small hands.


Donald Trump Lies and Steals

With the primaries essentially wrapped up, PolitiFact did an analysis of the 2016 presidential primaries and the statements from all the candidates. It is an interesting read. The primaries lasted 465 days (100 days more than a year), and PolitiFact published 650 fact checks (1.4 checks a day). The first conclusion is somewhat unexpected — […]


Everything is Political

The Susan G Komen for the Cure foundation has gone into full damage-control mode in order to reverse the perception that they let politics affect their charity work … by “getting help on crisis communication from Ari Fleischer“, former White House press secretary for the George W Bush administration. Sheesh. And be sure to read […]


The Cure Caves

I’m sure most of you have heard all about the recent kerfuffle between the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation and Planned Parenthood. This episode will likely be used in business schools in the future as an example of how not to do something. But there are a couple of take-home messages for all […]