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So much for budget restraint

Just a few days after the budget bill that included canceling emergency unemployment benefits but increased spending on the already bloated military, our government has added injury to insult by passing a new National Defense Authorization Act which unbelievably gives $30 billion more to the military than was was allocated just a few days ago. […]


Sitting in Judgement

© Lee Judge I guess we should be grateful that enough Republicans broke away so that Chuck Hagel could get confirmed as Secretary of Defense. Just in time to to preside over massive sequestration budget cuts at the Pentagon. © Joel Pett


Thanks, but no Tanks

Who could resist an article — from CNN of all people — with a headline of “Thanks but no tanks”? Not me, obviously. Good thing the article is definitely worth a read. It details how the same Congress that is screaming about deficits is insisting that the military spend $181 million for tanks that the […]


Support the Troops!

© Signe Wilkinson After all, Memorial Day is all about the troops.


Economic Mission Accomplished

© Matt Davies So, who is going to blink first at the 500 billion ton twin gorillas that are military spending and entitlements? I guess the only thing that we can be sure of is if the Democrats do anything at all (which is sadly unlikely), the Republicans will attack them for it, no matter […]


Republican calls Reagan’s dream “cockamamie”

Today, the Senate ratified the START treaty 71-26, despite the Republican leadership’s strong opposition. In fact, Jeff Sessions called Obama’s goal of a nuclear-free world “cockamamie” and called for a rejection of the treaty. It seems like the Republican leadership were the only people opposed to the treaty, which was supported by all recent Secretaries […]