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Thanks, but no Tanks

Who could resist an article — from CNN of all people — with a headline of “Thanks but no tanks”? Not me, obviously.

Good thing the article is definitely worth a read. It details how the same Congress that is screaming about deficits is insisting that the military spend $181 million for tanks that the Army doesn’t want or need. Yes, the same Congress that proclaims that presidents should listen to generals won’t listen to them.

According to one defense expert:

The fact that the military is having such a hard time getting this relatively small amount of money to be saved, I think is an indication of the huge uphill fight that the military faces when it comes to Congress. Congress is going to fight tooth and nail to protect defense investments that benefit their constituents and the people that live in their states.

In other words, welfare is ok when it goes to corporations, and especially ones that suck from the defense budget.

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    We are having our 50th reunion of our fancy private school. My classmates and I had the best education. We are the Informed. Not being in touch with them for 50 years, I am surprised and pleased that so many have come out with things like “The older I get, the more liberal I get.” We are three years older than Romney who, of course, falls in the “uninformed” catagory of what life is really like. Nurse, doctors, teachers, we see the real people of this country.

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