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Willing Suspension of Disbelief

© Jack Ohman Will Trump supporters ever realizing that they’ve been had? Even if they realize it, will they be able to admit it? And most of all, will they be able to do something about it? Or have they been so tribalized that they will rally around him no matter what he does? As […]


Take Back America!

This video from MadTV 20 years ago was satire. Now it seems to be politics as usual. Maybe she could be Trump’s VP?


Corporate State Secrets

Glenn Greenwald has a disturbing report concerning WikiLeaks, Bank of America, and the merger of corporate and government power in this country. I’m loathe to use the overused word “fascism” but the textbook definition of that particular f-word is the alignment of the government and economy of a country around corporatist interests. Just in case […]


Are you a sucker?

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. This is a short anti-fascism film from 1947. How soon we forget the lessons we paid such a high price to learn. So, the next time some politician, pundit, media personality, or spokesperson for the rich or powerful tries to divide us […]