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Despite all the noise about renewable energy sources — solar, biomass, wind, geothermal, and hydropower — not yet being ready for prime time, Yale University points out that all of the additional electricity-generating capacity added in the US in November came from renewable energy sources. Lest you think that was a fluke, in October 99% […]


Sunny Germany?

Only on Fox News. Why let reality get in the way of defending the stranglehold large multinational oil companies have on our energy future? Fox and Friends was ridiculing Obama’s “failed” strategy to promote solar energy in the US, but there was the little detail of Germany to contend with. Germany is leading the world […]


Military Betwixt and Between Oil and Clean Energy

Ironically – in a good way – it is the military that is taking serious steps to reduce it’s own reliance on oil. From an article in National Journal: The Pentagon on Tuesday unveiled its first “Operational Energy Strategy,” a plan to fundamentally transform the way fuel is used in the theater of war. Clean-energy […]