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The Republican Small-Tent Mind

Arnold Schwarzenegger has published an interesting opinion piece, where he stands up for Republican values (free enterprise and small government), while decrying the small-mindedness of the current GOP orthodoxy. in the current climate, the extreme right wing of the party is targeting anyone who doesn’t meet its strict criteria. Its new and narrow litmus test […]


Everything Immoderation

The Republicans have sadly lost another moderate, Olympia Snowe of Maine. The loss is particularly stinging for the GOP, as Republicans are trying hard to take over the Senate in the upcoming election. Snowe is very popular and was considered pretty much a shoo-in for a fourth term. But what must really hurt is why […]


America’s Political Spectrum: Left, Empty space, Far Right Outliers

©John Sherffius This Sherffius cartoon is pretty accurate. It’s not so much that the middle is missing, it is the Center Right and merely Right that have disappeared from our political system. I’m not enamored by Americans Elect or any third party effort at this moment because splitting the vote could elect someone who makes […]


Moderate Gravitas

You may think of it as one of the pitfalls of being a moderate, but they call them “pitfalls” for a reason. © Tom Toles Toles has a funny observation to go along with this comic: Funny! Washington: broken! Government: broken! Politics: broken! Diagnosis? Partisanship! Extreme position-taking! Nobody willing to compromise! Intemperate language! How, or […]