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© Clay Bennett In (un)related news, new outrage over plans to build a library next to Sarah Palin.


Arab-American wins Miss USA Contest, Right goes Ballistic

Lebanese-born Arab-American (and Muslim) Miss Michigan Rima Fakih won Donald Trump’s Miss USA competition, and the right-wing is going absolutely bat-shit crazy. Debbie Schlussel calls her “Miss Hezbollah” and says that she won because the contest is fixed and “Clearly, there is affirmative action for Muslim women in beauty pagaents”. Well, except that Rima’s family […]


“Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” — What’s a Progressive To Do?

You can be forgiven if you don’t know what to think about the latest crazy meme running around the innertubes. Apparently, a recent episode of South Park was censored before it aired by Comedy Central, after they received a veiled threat because the episode contained images of the prophet Mohammed. OMG, censorship, that’s bad, right? […]