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The Trump Kleptocracy

Donald Trump wants to slash funding for government programs that provide housing for the poor and combat homelessness. Well, with a bigly exception. The government is proposing to leave intact a housing subsidy that is paid directly to private landlords. Including Trump and his siblings. When Fred Trump died, he left an interest in the […]



© Tom Tomorrow After all, Trump did claim that he could “shoot someone on a crowded street and not lose any voters“. And it isn’t like Trump or his relatives care what they do or say. The latest example of their corruption and nepotism is Nicole Kushner Meyer, who is Jared Kushner’s sister. Meyer was […]



[Satire from Andy Borowitz] JARED KUSHNER CALLS KIM JONG-UN “TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED PERSON” WHO GOT JOB ONLY THROUGH NEPOTISM Offering a stunningly blunt appraisal of the North Korean leader, Jared Kushner said on Tuesday that Kim Jong-un was a “totally unqualified person” who attained his position of power only through nepotism. “Here you have a guy […]