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Occupy Mayberry: Where Is Sheriff Taylor When We Need Him

The Independent Weekly, Raleigh NC, has yet another excellent piece on our local Occupy movement. We’re not used to SWAT teams in our village, yet here they are: Just down the road in liberal, affable Chapel Hill, where I lived for many years without experiencing police brutality or much civil disobedience, a reporter with a […]


Yes! Top 10 Ways the Occupy Movement Changes Everything

Almost all Conservatives accept a meme describing the Occupy Movement as directionless and incoherent. Ironically, many Progressive activists are also perplexed by the amorphous nature of this new movement. Yes! magazine counters with a concise and clear statement summarizing the importance of the Occupy Movement: Ten Ways the Occupy Movement Changes Everything Many question whether […]


Occupy Laundry: City Workers Politely Fold and Label During Eviction

Dramatic confrontations attract the headlines and certainly are motivational to one side or the other but real progress and the best lessons may come from more gentle showdowns. Judy Rebick’s account, full story here, of an Occupy eviction in Toronto caused my spirits to soar because of the triumph of steady determined good will over baser […]


P.J. O’Rourke: Too Clever and Too Comfortable to Occupy Reality

In an American Public Media Marketplace commentary, P.J. O’Rourke accurately identifies concerns of the Occupy Wall Street movement when he states, “people are right about the sins of the financial system and right about the evil of government supporting and subsidizing this malfeasance.” But he runs off the rails when he claims that Occupiers also […]


How to not Win Friends and not Influence People

The greatest challenge to the 99% movement is not the disproportionate power of the 1%, rather it’s the power of a self-indulgent minority within our own ranks. A ‘fuck-it-all-where-can-I-throw-this-rock?’ element plagues Occupy sites from Oakland to Chapel Hill. The unfortunate and stupid chant of “Kill the cops, Burn the prisons” recorded yesterday in Chapel Hill, […]