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Scrapitalism: Blogging the Freeways

Regardless of possible safety concerns and issues of esthetics, FREEWAYBLOGGER has reinvented the soapbox for the modern Commons. View more images – many more images – at FREEWAYBLOGGER’s website. – Iron Filing


Why All the Whining? I Like Things Just the Way They Are.

©Ben Sargent One of the reasons we, as a nation, can’t agree on the answers is we’re not even clear on the questions. Is the economy for the 1% or should it work for 100%? The Center for Communication and Civic Engagement at the University of Washington has an interesting project called “What’s the Economy […]


Maybe China Is Not the Best Role Model

The scale of response is clearly different but mayors around the country are having similar results trying to oust Occupiers as shown below. Click on the image to read an article from the local news media which have reported this event far more accurately than national news outlets. – Iron Filing UPDATE: This shocking video […]


Bark More, Wag Less Occupy Denver

If we want Occupy Wall Street to be the movement our dogs think it is then we should let the dogs hold the leash! Shelby, more person than B of A, represents Occupy Denver in opposition to the farce of corporate personhood Occupy Denver Press Release: “In response to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s insistence that […]