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Getting the Government We Deserve

I don’t have enough time to summarize this excellent article from Five Thirty Eight, but you should go read it. Politicians and others like to complain that elections are rigged, but this article says that the real rigging of our elections is being done by the voters themselves. It is short and easy to read […]


Political Parties

Does anyone really believe that it is the job of political parties to be fair? It is the job of the political party to elect as many candidates from their party as possible. Nothing more. Why is the media holding the Democratic party to a different standard than other parties? Where are the leaked emails […]



Are you worried about the Republicans taking over control of the Senate? Apparently you are in the minority. In fact, only 36% of Americans can correctly identify the party that controls both the House and the Senate. Interestingly, there is virtually no difference between Republicans and Democrats in answering this question correctly.