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Getting the Government We Deserve

I don’t have enough time to summarize this excellent article from Five Thirty Eight, but you should go read it. Politicians and others like to complain that elections are rigged, but this article says that the real rigging of our elections is being done by the voters themselves. It is short and easy to read […]


Opinions Change When Money is Involved

Here’s a new twist to an age old problem. The problem is that when you ask people how the economy is doing, their answer has more to do with whether the president is currently from the same political party they are, than it does with objective reality. When the president is a Republican, then Republicans […]



Kevin McCarthy is the House majority leader and the likely person to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House. He was interviewed on Fox News last night, and when pressed by Sean Hannity to list what McCarthy would fight for in the GOP-led House, he made a gaffe: What you’re going to see is […]


Low Information Voters

I understand that most people pay little attention to politics. If they vote, those people are called “low information voters”. But there are other people that aren’t exactly “low information”, they are more like “wrong information”. They think they know things, but those things are just plain wrong. A prime example of this is a […]