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Reality Show

Some of you might be thinking that having a new communications director get fired before he even officially starts his job because of a profanity-laced (possibly drunken) tirade to a reporter sounds more like something out of a reality show than an actual presidential administration. After all, who could come up with names like these? […]


The Reality Show Just Got Weirder

I have to hand it to Donald Trump, he has put together a reality show as president that is as hard to look away from as a train wreck. Wednesday, Time magazine published an almost verbatim short interview with Trump. The topic is about lying and Trump’s credibility (or, lack thereof). Trump agreeing to this […]


Opinions Change When Money is Involved

Here’s a new twist to an age old problem. The problem is that when you ask people how the economy is doing, their answer has more to do with whether the president is currently from the same political party they are, than it does with objective reality. When the president is a Republican, then Republicans […]


Reality, Triumphant

© Garry Trudeau © Garry Trudeau © Garry Trudeau © Garry Trudeau © Garry Trudeau © Garry Trudeau Isn’t this how the world should be?