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Spreading Lies

Donald Trump not only lies constantly, he even tries to convince other world leaders to lie for him. But it looks like this is (finally!) catching up with him. The latest polls show that even among his base, support for Trump is starting to crumble. What’s really ironic is that Trump’s approval rating is sinking […]


Polling is not dead yet!

In the wake of the presidential election, many people blamed the polls for being wrong about who would win. But were the polls really that far off? Nate Silver makes a very good case that they were not. Silver’s case is based on two facts. First, that the election changed direction near the end, when […]


If you Complain, you’re Lame!

Republicans are complaining that the mainstream media is using skewed polls that show that Obama is winning. Their argument? That these polls are counting more Democrats than Republicans. This may be the ultimate in false equivalences. The reasons why polls include more Democrats than Republicans is because there are more Democrats than Republicans. Right now, […]


Appalling Polling

Public Policy Polling released the results of their Republican Primary polls in Alabama and Mississippi today, but the most interesting result are the last few questions: In Alabama, only 14% think Obama is a Christian, while 45% think he is Muslim, and 41% are not sure. It is worse in Mississippi, where only 12% think […]


God’s Approval Rating?

Believe it or not, Public Policy Polling conducted a survey where they asked people “If God exists, do you approve or disapprove of its performance?” You’ll be relieved to hear that 52% approve of the job that God is doing. Only 9% disapproved. The rest were not sure or didn’t answer. If that seems like […]