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The Pardonizer in Chief

© Tom Tomorrow I suspect that sometime in the near future, Donald Trump is going to try to pardon someone he shouldn’t, and all hell will break loose. My only question is whether when that happens, will the Republicans stand up to Trump, or will they roll over?



© Clay Bennett Team Trump spent this weekend engaging in a propaganda technique called “Whataboutism” that is similar to a technique often used by young children. Whataboutism is used to deflect attention from bad behavior by claiming that other people are at fault, like “All the other kids do it!” or “It wasn’t my fault!”. […]


Meaningful Information

Does anyone else get the creeps as much as I do when watching Kellyanne Conway speak?


Russian to Judgement

© Tom Tomorrow Concerns about an email server seem almost quaint now, don’t they? But what is missing from this comic is Trump’s cozying up to the Russians, which the Republican-controlled Congress refuses to investigate. Here’s a timeline presenting Everything We Know About Trumpland’s Ties To Russia. It is so amazingly full of smoking guns, […]


Russian Trouble

Trump’s National Security Advisor had to resign because he lied about contacts with the Russians. Now it looks like Trump’s Attorney General also lied about contacts with the Russians. After all the noise from Republicans about how Hillary Clinton should be in jail, not to mention impeaching Bill Clinton for lying, it will be interesting […]



I just want to pass on a Newsweek article that might not get the attention it deserves. Wednesday at one of his rallies, Trump directly passed on an email from a Russian disinformation campaign designed to manipulate the US election. It is an email that is supposedly from Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal (Trump’s favorite whipping […]