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Everything we know about terrorism is wrong

Andrew Sullivan reprints a great question from one of his readers that really makes you think about how stupidly the US is responding to terrorist acts. The (paraphrased) question is, if the Christmas day underwear terrorist really wanted to blow up the airplane, why did he go back to his seat where he had to […]


What if we swapped the TSA and the Fed?

From Emanuel Derman’s Blog: Trading Places I had a fantasy in which the Fed and the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) switched roles. If a bank failed at 9 a.m. one morning and shut its doors, the TSA would announce that all banks henceforth begin their business day at 10 a.m. And, if a terrorist managed […]


Understanding our own language

Glenn Greenwald has an excellent column today in Salon, which points out the hypocrisy of typical American war rhetoric about Muslims. For example, there is a column in the NY Times today by Thomas Friedman, who complains bitterly about the “half-truths, propaganda and outright lies about America that have taken hold in the Arab-Muslim world […]


Giving the Terrorists What They Want

© Jim Morin


The Rule of Law in the US

Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee discuss the upcoming trial of 9/11 terrorists in NYC: Great quote: “Geraldo Rivera is now the voice of reason”.