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The Change You Deserve!

Saddled with a very unpopular president, and losing elections even in heavily Republican districts, the Republicans are trying to grab a piece of the “change” mandate. So on Wednesday, Congressional Republicans will start rolling out their new policy agenda, complete with a new slogan (drum roll please…) “The Change You Deserve“.

Unfortunately, the Republicans seem to have plagiarized this slogan. “The Change You Deserve” is the registered advertising slogan for the popular drug Effexor XR, used for the treatment of depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder in adults. And it is a red pill with a large “W” on it! ¬†Even its side effects will sound familiar — nausea, apathy, constipation, fatigue, vertigo, sexual dysfunction, sweating, memory loss, and (are you ready for this?) “electric shock-like sensations also called ‘brain zaps’.”

Let’s just hope that this new slogan gives Republicans the change they deserve.