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If the blogosphere didn’t exist, we’d have to create it

The utter failure of the mainstream media to do their job and actually report news is leaving a vacuum. Witness the lack of coverage of the “military analyst” story — a story in which the media were certainly complicit — since if you are simply a propaganda arm of the government and corporate establishment, why would you report on it?

Luckily, as the mainstream media continues its march toward irrelevancy, a small army of bloggers is taking up the slack. The latest evidence of this is Karl Rove’s comment about Scott McClellan’s new book, saying that he “sounded like a left-wing blogger”. After all, the mainstream media in this country would never say anything like what was in McClellan’s book. Well, get used to it, Karl.

For more on this, read Glenn Greenwald’s excellent column today on how corporate executives in the major news outlets suppressed and manipulated the news.


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