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The Mainstream Media is Worthless

A year ago, David Barstow reported in the NY Times reported on how the Pentagon was manipulating the news by planting retired generals into major networks as independent analysts, and that in many cases the networks themselves were complicit. What made this even worse was that this story was completely suppressed by the networks in question, including ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox.

What makes this news again is that Barstow just won a Pulitzer prize for investigative journalism for this story, and yet, when these same networks reported on the Pulitzer prizes, every single one of them failed to mention this particular one, even when they gave details about other prize winners. Could it be because many of them continue to employ these fake “independent analysts”?

So the bottom line is that the TV networks feed you propaganda direct from the Pentagon, without telling you that their “independent analysts” aren’t really independent (not only do most of them work for the Pentagon, many also have ties to military contractors so they stand to benefit financially from the lies they are spreading). Then, when this scandal is exposed, they completely suppress it (to this day, the story was only mentioned by bloggers on the Internet). Then, when the story wins a Pulitzer prize, the networks pretend like this particular winner didn’t exist.

The mainstream media must believe that if they don’t report on a story, then it doesn’t exist. My question is, how far can they stick their heads into the ground.


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  1. Don R Babera wrote:

    Journalism as we know it died in the 80’s coinciding with Orwell’s “1984.” It actually started before then, but 1984 makes a good date especially considering the ramifications, which are apparrent.


    Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 9:45 am | Permalink

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