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Nothing is ever Sarah Palin’s Fault

Last week, Sarah Palin’s nominee to be the Alaska Attorney General, Wayne Ross, was denied by the Legislature. It was the first time in Alaska’s (short) history that a nominee was not confirmed for any state agency. A new Attorney General was needed because her last one resigned because of the Troopergate scandal.

But in an interview yesterday, Palin blamed bloggers and the public for the defeat, claiming “A great problem was public lies were told about Mr. Ross.” But when asked for an example, the only one she could come up with was “he being engaged in a machine gun shoot on somebody’s property down in Seward, and there were witnesses to such a thing, and he’d never been there.”

Fortunately, the newspaper doing the interview did a Google search, and couldn’t find any mention of that story in any blog or other website. They even asked the main legislator who led the fight against the appointment, and he hadn’t even heard that story.

What did sink Ross’ nomination? Could it have been his statement “If you can’t rape your wife, who are you gonna rape?” Or his previous bigoted statements against Native americans and gays? Or the fact that during the nomination fight, Palin herself was off in Indiana, at an anti-choice fundraiser.

The real problem here is that once again, Palin is claiming that this isn’t her fault. As one Alaska blogger puts it “Sarah Palin is George W. Bush with lipstick; nothing is ever her fault.”

Troopergate was her brother-in-law’s fault. Her terrible interviews were the fault of Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson. Her expensive wardrobe was the RNC’s fault. Her problems during the presidential campaign were John McCain’s fault. Her daughter’s problems are all Levi Johnson’s fault. Can you think of any problem for which she has taken responsibility?