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Is this called stacking the deck?

Some of you may recall that a week ago McCain challenged Obama to a series of “town hall” meetings with him, the first one to occur in one week. Never mind that McCain does much better in town hall meetings than he does in regular debates (not to mention his abysmal performance giving speeches), and never mind that McCain has far less money than Obama, so these town hall meetings would give him much needed publicity (especially after all the publicity that the democratic candidates have received over the last few months). Only a cynic would bring up such trivial matters!

Obama’s campaign countered McCain’s proposal with their own proposal, and the candidates have not agreed on what to do, but McCain decided to go ahead with his own town hall anyway, billing it as “a town hall with independent and Democratic voters”. However even Fox News, the sponsors of the town hall, had to confess that the event was invitation only, and the people invited were McCain supporters (watch the video).

At this point I’m waiting for McCain to announce that he is the favored candidate among McCain supporters.

And, as someone pointed out, didn’t Bush used to do something similar, requiring “loyalty oaths” to be signed before you could attend his events?