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Cindy McCain stops stealing drugs, now stealing cookies

Well, actually, a cookie recipe. Again. Yes, I know that this seems like a trivial mistake, almost not worth mentioning. And indeed, the first time Cindy was caught stealing recipes I gave it a pass. I mean, it wasn’t like she was stealing drugs!

But did she learn? No! Even though she blamed and fired a staffer the first time, it now seems that the problem is systemic. Family Circle magazine is having a “Presidential Cookie Bake-Off” and the recipe submitted by Cindy McCain was cribbed almost word-for-word from the Hersheys Chocolate website (she did change the original call for “Hershey’s Butterscotch Chips” to just “Butterscotch Chips”). You can see both recipes here.

Since the Hershey’s recipe is copyrighted, isn’t this copyright infringement? Or is it just the same copy/paste that her husband is using on Bush’s policies?