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McCain promises to spend more taxpayer money than Obama

Yesterday, Obama confused conservatives everywhere by announcing that he will not be spending any taxpayer money for his campaign, instead using private donations. Conservatives immediately attacked Obama, not realizing that they are ironically attacking him for doing exactly those things that they claim to love. Next thing you know, conservatives will be telling us that health care should be funded by taxpayers, rather than privately. What’s next? Will the conservatives argue that we should nationalize our oil companies?

Just for your enlightenment, the 23/6 website has taken Obama’s announcement and added helpful closed-captioning:

UPDATE: John Kerry says that Obama’s decision was necessary in order for him to avoid Kerry’s “swiftboat” fate in the 2004 election. “You know, the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth hadn’t appeared in July of my year as a funded group. And they were funded in August, which was the time I was tied to campaign finance reform and didn’t have the money to respond. And it had an obvious, profound impact. So I think in order to control your campaign and your message, it is essential to be able to respond to those and be free to respond to them.”

Nick Anderson
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