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Will Bush break the all-time record?

President Bush is within striking distance of the all-time record of vacation days taken by a sitting president. Reagan’s record was 436, and with Bush starting a vacation today, he is sitting (and I do mean sitting) at 423. Can he do it?

What’s truly ironic about this is that on Tuesday, White House spokesman Tony Fratto accused the Democrats in the Senate of slacking off, because they left for their Independence day break with unfinished legislation. Hypocritically, the unfinished legislation named by Fratto includes a housing bill, which was delayed by Nevada Republican John Ensign, and a Medicare bill, which the White House themselves asked Republican Arlen Specter to delay.


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  1. bushgirlsgonewild wrote:

    And what’s ‘funny’ (I’d laugh, anyway) is that both of these guys should have set the record for the most days spent on probation (after a very lengthy stay amongst the sodomites).

    Wednesday, July 2, 2008 at 6:18 pm | Permalink