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Prime evidence of why the Mainstream Media sucks

As a lawyer, Vincent Bugliosi is a famous prosecutor, winning every trial he has prosecuted, including the Charles Manson case in 1971.

As an author, Bugliosi has written three #1 best selling books and won the top award for crime writers — three times. His previous book was made into a miniseries on HBO starring Tom Hanks.

So you would think that the media would be very interested in his latest book. But you would be wrong. He has received no reviews from cable television or newspapers — the usual outlets that help sell books. In fact, ABC Radio even refused to run an advertisement for the book. The media has maintained a “virtual blackout” on his book. Even The Daily Show refused to mention it.

Why? Is it because his book isn’t very popular? No, it has attained best-seller status (mostly through the internet). Is it because it is offensive? Not really.

His new book is “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder”, which lays out the legal case for holding Bush “criminally responsible” for the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq.  According to Bugliosi:

I think it all goes back to fear. If the liberal media would put me on national television, I think they’d fear that they would be savaged by the right wing. The left wing fears the right, but the right does not fear the left.

Could this be true?  Does the right-wing “savage” left-wing stories in the media?

You Bet Your Sweet Fox News Ass it does!


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  1. stuart toledano wrote:

    that’s why i consider FOX an acronym for Fascist Online Xmission

    Monday, December 15, 2008 at 11:02 pm | Permalink

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