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New York Republicans Self Destruct in District 13

As Electoral-Vote points out, for Republicans NY-13 is the congressional district that keeps on giving:

  • First, Republican Congressman Vito Fossella tries to prove his love of family values by having two families. Fossella decides not to run for reelection.
  • The Republicans pick Francis Powers to run for his seat, but his son (Francis Powers Junior) announces his intention to run against his dad (as a Libertarian) to prevent him getting elected. Then Francis Powers (senior) suddenly dies from a heart attack.
  • Right at the deadline, the Republicans file the dead Powers as their candidate anyway, because they can’t find anyone else.
  • Finally, the Republicans talk former assemblyman Robert Straniere into running.

Problem over, right?  Until one of the state’s most prominent Republicans, Guy Molinari, announces:

I’m going to do everything in my power to stop him. And if that means defeating him and a Democrat wins, that’s okay, too. I would rather have someone that’s honest and would do what’s right for the country, than support him. … He lies about everything. How do you pick a man like that to go to Congress?

This is proving to be a tough year for Republicans. NY-13 was the last congressional seat in NYC held by the GOP.