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Will McCain make good on his promise to veto every beer?

The website 23/6 makes a disturbing observation for beer drinkers everywhere. In 2000, the US elected two oil men — Bush and Cheney — and gas prices went through the roof.  Now, the Republicans are trying to get us to vote for McCain, whose wife owns of one of the largest beer distributorships in the country. Will the same thing happen to the price of beer? Can we even take that chance?

Making this even more worrysome, according to the Wall Street Journal, McCain and his wife will get a huge payout from the sale of Anheuser-Busch (brewer of Budweiser and other beers) to a foreign corporation, Belgian beverage giant InBev NV (brewer of Stella Artois and Beck). We’ve already suffered because of our dependency on foreign oil; can we afford to be at the mercy of foreign beer brewers?

Maybe when McCain said he would veto every beer it wasn’t a gaffe after all.