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Iraq gaffe watch rewarded

All eyes are on Obama this week while he tours Afganistan, Iraq, and Israel. Even the New York Times says that Obama’s trip carries considerable risk. But they aren’t worried about Obama’s safety — the media are all waiting for him to make a gaffe. You know, even a little one (like when he mentioned that he was “refining” his Iraq withdrawal strategy, which was blown up into a major flip-flop, even though my dictionary defines “refine” to mean “perfect, polish, hone, fine-tune”).

But to nobody’s surprise there was a gaffe, but it was from McCain, who on today’s ABC morning show started talking about “the situation on the Iraq/Pakistan border”. News flash — there is no such place:

As you can see from the map, the Iraq-Pakistan border is actually Iran.

I let it pass when McCain repeatedly referred to Czechoslovakia. After all, that used to be an actual place (until 1993).


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