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Bush – Wall Street “got drunk”

At a fundraiser last week President Bush admitted that his friends in big business “got drunk” on all “these fancy financial instruments”, and now have “a hangover”. Is Bush actually realizing that throwing money at large corporations might not have been the best thing for him to do for the last 7 years?

By the way, need we point out that Phil Gramm (McCain’s chief financial advisor until last week) was largely responsible for making those drunken crazy-making “fancy financial instruments” legal? Does that make him the person who bought the alcohol for Wall Street’s drunken party?

And as a side note, Bush also mentioned that Laura is looking to move from Crawford to Dallas. As Daily Kos asks, does this mean that his ranch was merely a political prop?

Note: if this video stops working, try here.


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  1. Jeeezelouise wrote:

    How original! My gosh, the man has a way with words, nailing the concept and making it simple. Er, wait .. that “hangover” analogy has been done ..

    Dot Com Hangover:

    “The hangover is the result of irrational exuberance being replaced by excessive pessimism.

    The Internet will be a major source of change for our economy, but we expected too much too fast. Last year, Super Bowl ads, sock puppets, and day traders were in the headlines. Today, nothing but pink-slip parties and DOA dotcoms. Stories on broadband benefits have been replaced with optical overcapacity concerns.”

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 10:30 pm | Permalink