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We’re in the middle of a war against religious extremism, and the Justice Department is being run by religious extremists!

The Justice Department’s Inspector General has just issued its report on politicization at the Justice Department, which it found was “serious, significant, and systemic”.

For example, the Bush administration put Esther Slater McDonald, a junior attorney who had been in the Justice Department for less than a month, in charge of hiring new law school graduates:

According to the inspector general’s June 24 report, McDonald rejected Rhodes Scholars and top graduates of the best law schools if those people had a whiff of liberalism. If people seemed conservative, McDonald accepted them whether they were qualified or not. … this was “a serious problem that had implications throughout the Department of Justice.”

The irony is that we claim to be fighting a war against religious extremists, but in fact it is our government that is currently being run by religious extremists.