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Keep Your Affairs in Order

Former presidential candidate John Edwards today admitted to having an affair in 2006.

From the Chicago Tribune:

John Edwards’ revelations today – that he had an affair while his wife battled cancer – break sharply from the family-man image the former senator has cultivated his entire political career. They also crystallize many detractors’ long-held worries about Edwards’ sincerity and authenticity.

From ABC News:

Edwards Admits Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate

From the New York Times:

Ken Doll in Lust

Fair enough. But one of our current presidential candidates cheated repeatedly on his injured wife, and then lied about it. Why isn’t this crystalizing worries about McCain’s sincerity and authenticity?

UPDATE: Some people are claiming that McCain cheating on his first wife isn’t relevant because it happened 27 years ago. Ironically, his service in Viet Nam, which happened 40 years ago, remains extremely relevant.

Of course, there is another big difference between McCain and Edwards. McCain dumped his ailing wife for the younger, richer woman with whom he was cheating.


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