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Obama gets Snarky!

Just as McCain is learning how to manipulate the Internet by rewarding followers for carpet bombing political blogs, Obama seems to be getting the hang of using innuendo in press releases. Kinda like those negative ads that fuel racial fears by juxtaposing a black political candidate with a sexy young white woman.

Hot on the heels of revelations that John Edwards had an extra-marital affair, the Obama campaign has sent out an email to the press with the headline “Does John McCain have a woman problem?”

Coming the day after John Edwards admitted an extramarital affair, the headline might be seen as suggesting the same for McCain. Edwards himself said in his confessional interview on ABC Friday evening that McCain had had an affair at the end of his first marriage.

But Obama would never stoop to drawing attention to the fact that McCain cheated on his first wife . The email is “merely” drawing attention to an article in the New Republic on McCain’s opposition to abortion rights (his “woman problem”).